Top 10 apps that are free in Android but paid in IOS

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Introduction –

Most people use android phones. Now it’s an era of android version. Without an android phone in hand, we cannot step out of the house. Android cells had become soo essential nowadays, say that without an android phone a human being cannot imagine him/herself. It has been influenced in our life.

As per Statista data, 96.9% of apps in the Google play store are freely available. When compared to paid apps the free apps are large in number in Google play store but in the Apple play store, we can find very few free apps. The rate is given that 21.7% of paid apps will be available in the Google play store.

The strategy of app monetization –

App developers and app publishers keep themselves engaging in using or implementing their new strategies to generate revenues from their audience interaction. They don’t stick to only one strategy but they keep on trying the different strategies to develop and to generate revenue from their apps.

With the help of freemium models, the users can unlock the unique features of the app, and with premium pay, they can access the app for a certain period. this grant then to access the functionalities of the app. The United States has been obtained recurring subscription payments and this is quite an increase in number in the cities of the US.

One-time or lifetime subscription is also available and this holds the major shares in hands of industry verticals and developers. Recently the paid apps have got their scope of users and many were opting for the subscription options. This is been very helpful to app developers and ads makers.

They were generating revenue from ads on social media and from apps. The developers are allowing to monetize via-in-app ads. As ads are like entertaining objects to the viewers it feels easy for the developers to earn income.

The below shows the data on paid and free apps in android Google play store and in Apple play store –

CharacteristicsFree AppsPaid Apps
Android (Google play store)96.9%3.1%
IOS (Apple app store)93.6%6.4%

The data has been collected from Statista. As per its data, it is showing that the Android Google play store has 96.9% of free apps and very minimum that is around 3.1% paid apps. Whereas in the Apple app store the paid apps rate is 6.4% and 93.6% of free apps.

Apple has got its brand in loyalty and trusted company in the market. The IOS users spend on the app when compared to Android. Recently the survey has been conducted by Morgan Stanely. In this survey, they got the data on users of iPhone and Android. There are 92% of iPhone users whereas 77% of android users. the 6% of users of iPhone are been increased in recent years. People opt for Apple phones because of their brand.

The users download the apps because there will be entertainment and sometimes it would be helpful to deal with our business. There are both entertainment and learning apps available in android as well as in IOS. So here are few free downloaded apps we find out in Android Google play store apps.

Top 10 apps for free in Android –

Facebook messenger – this is the no.1 free app and has spent 217 weeks to develop the app as no.1.

Bitmoji – this has spent 109 weeks to develop as the no.1 free app in the Google play store. This is an entertainment emoji app.

YouTube – this app had created the benchmark that everyone uses the app every day for one or the other reasons. This app had spent 107 weeks developing as the no.1 free app in the Google play store.

Trivia crack – this app had spent 66 weeks developing as free apps. Features in this app still need progress to update and few people would love to download the free app.

Draw something – this app is for those people who would love to draw and paint online. This app had taken 38 weeks to develop the no. 1 free app in the Google play store.

Snapchat – this app had got higher ratings and higher percentages of users. this had taken 37 weeks to develop it has the no.1 free downloaded app in the Google play store.

Minion rush – this app had take 36 weeks to develop but low quality in features. People download it for fun and to time pass. – This app had taken 34 weeks to develop.

Temple run – this app had got the highest rating in downloads. 30 weeks of its development had increased the number of downloaders of this app.

Pokeman go – this is the only app that has taken very little time to develop the app say for 29 weeks.

Top paid apps in IOS –

These are paid apps that can be found in IOS (Apple App Store). Usually, for paid version apps the demand rate will be less when compared to free downloaded apps. Because most people opt the free apps than paid apps. The subscription and premium rates will be quite higher for these paid versions because the developers spent more time and invested a huge amount to develop the app.

For their efforts, they would expect the return and it’s quite common in human nature so they released the paid apps to earn income. Not all the apps in IOS are paid ones but certain apps have to be paid. There are gaming apps, learning apps, mobile software. These are paid apps in IOS.

Actually, it is worth paying for apps in IOS because those apps are very well developed with unique and extra features. People can easily work and access the app and make use of it for their business. Each app had got different pay scale. The payment is to be made in Dollars.

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