List of 10 Latest Android Games from PC and Console

Tuesday, 19 October 2021 (3 months ago) 115 views

Many games manage to make the jump from PC or console platforms to mobile, although it’s a difficult process. With various hardware configurations, developers must ensure that the game can work on all targeted devices.

Well, here is a list of 10 games from Steam and consoles that have also made mobile versions for Android devices.

Rocket League

In this soccer game, players will find fierce competition, skill-based gameplay and tons of customization options. Rocket League became a resounding success as it was one of the free games offered to Playstation Plus subscribers in 2015, and has continued on its path to success, being released on almost every console and platform since then.

With unique game modes, a ranking system that adapts to the player’s skill level, Rocket League will never be bored to play.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is a game that is bold enough to be present on the Android platform. It’s a little hard to expect high-level play on a portable screen for this type of game, but Oculus Quest, which got Tetris Effect last year, proved that this game can run on Android, and on VR devices with as much fun as PC or console platforms.


This game offers fast-paced combat with a style of movement suitable for creating over-the-top action opportunities where every kill is satisfying. In 2020, Warframe was purchased by Tencent, a company familiar with mobile games and MMOs, making this game even more popular.

Persona 5 Royal

The unique turn-based combat system in Persona 5 Royal offers a traditional RPG format for this dating sim adventure. Players will harness the creatures and personalities associated with the legendary criminals and thieves, Dungeon-diving meets date in this excellent social RPG from Atlus.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World : The Game

The release of Scott Pilgrim’s beat-em-up game is considered one of the greatest. With a re-release earlier this year, it’s sure to bring some much-needed quality upgrades and additional characters not found in the original PS3 and Xbox One releases.
The cute appearance of the film’s characters with a background that is very similar to the plot, players can feel the charm of the thick comic style.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Originally released in 2014, the combination of Shovel Knight’s 8-bit graphics paired with chiptune music provides an overview of the ‘what could have happened’ scenario of a game released in the NES era.

Along with the expansion starring the three bosses from the original game, each with their own set of moves and storylines, it takes a lot of time to spend completing this world of spades and knights.


Maquette tells a heart-wrenching story about two individuals and their relationship that is too perfect, or what it is. As players progress through the story, they will discover a key element related to the memento and the world around it which is a scaled imitation that changes as the player brings objects into the scale model itself. This is a puzzle game so players really have to exert their brains to solve them.

A Short Hike

This open world exploration game provides a lot of freedom and relaxation in its simple design. Players take on the role of Claire, a young bird whose job is to try to pick up a cell phone at the top of a mountain to receive an important call. There are tons of animals on the island to interact with and help solve their problems, and there are also tons of items to find hidden around the island that lead to side quests and stories.


Toby Fox’s loving homage to the Mother series has a great story, great music, and an impressive combat system. It has been ported to almost every platform except for mobile. The graphics presented in this game are simple but stylish with a control scheme that is relatively easy to master.


The pixel-perfect platform and adorable 8/16-bit style are what make Celeste games so captivating. This game is difficult, but with a difficulty system that can be adapted to the player’s playing style. This story brings to life a wide platforming challenge that makes Celeste a very fun game to play.

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